PIUMAWORLD was founded in 2001 in Milan, Italy, as a branch of CINENANE GROUP, a long-standing company that has been providing equipment and services for television and cinema for more than 30 years.

Piumaworld is specialized in the design and production of specific equipment and technology, such as remote heads, dollies and track systems for the entertainment industry: cinema, television, events, sports and multimedia.

Piuma products are designed to be an integrated system made with the purpose of granting shots of exceptional quality in any situation: when the camera is running on the floor and when it is suspended to truss or rigged vertically or high above the ground. All systems are lightweight, very easy to handle and to rig.

Piuma solutions are specifically developed in order to meet the new requirements of all production studios, where features like lightness and handiness are becoming more and more important – keeping of course the highest standards of reliability and steadiness of shots.

One of the main features of Piumaworld is providing customized solutions for every customer, as every show has its own specific needs and specific solutions.

Piumaworld has a partnership with Aerial Film Club, a company founded summing up the know-how and the experience of skilled and highly qualified professionals connected to aerial film productions. AFC can supply all over Europe the new stabilization system Shotover F1, designed for use on helicopters, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost any moving vehicle.


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