Comat Head


Comat head is our remote control lightweight head, produced in different set-ups, according to the client’s requests:

  • it can be single or double bracket, Small or Medium or Heavy size, depending on the weight to carry and functions it must have (i.e. compact and small for on stage shots; medium for most operative situations, double for movie cameras with heavy lenses)
  • it can be 2 or 3 axes (the roll axis has been developed to provide a wider variety of shooting angles and to add freedom to creativity). The roll angle is approximately 70°.

All Comat Heads are built in extra light aluminium, in order to be as light and, at the same time, as strong as possible.



  • CONTROL CONSOLE with Joystick
  • LENS CONTROLS, for Fuji and Canon lenses, are custom supplied according to lens used
  • WIRELESS CONTROL is supplied on request

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