Piumaworld can provide technological solutions for the shooting of big events, such as concerts, fashion shows and sports events.


2015 New Year’s Eve Concert at Guangzhou International Sports Arena (Guangdong)


A light version of Combi Dolly Ring and Comat Head totally designed and custom built by Piumaworld has been employed for the shooting of the 2015 New Year’s Eve Concert held at Guangzhou International Sports Arena (Guangdong), in front of 10000 bystanders. The broadcaster was Hunan TV, the second chinese tv network. A set of tracks with very narrow interaxis distance was custom shaped into a ring with a diameter of 6m, in order to allow tracks and remote control dolly to be positioned under the floor of the studio. A corresponding circular slit would permit dolly movements. With this solution only the remote head Comat and camera appeared over the floor, allowing dancers and singers to move freely around, obtaining astonishing shots.



The Filarmonica della Scala Concert, in Piazza del Duomo (Milan) 2015


For the shooting of the concert, with the violinist David Garrett and conductor Riccardo Chailly, Piumaworld provided its Liftrail with 2 axis Comat Head: a vertical dolly that can reach up to 10 m with fixing points. Camera and lift movements are remote controlled. This product is suitable for any kind of camera and lens, both for movies and tv.



Miss Italia 2015

Piumaworld contributed supplying a Combi Star dolly (in studio version) with adjustable column and a Combi Star dolly with telescopic column, custom curved tracks, and two remote heads Comat.

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Leopolda Convention in Firenze 2015

Piumaworld contributed to the shooting of Leopolda Convention in Florence with two of its remote controlled products: the Combi Star dolly and 2-axis remote head Comat.