Piumaworld at Micro Salon 2015

March 2015 – Piumaworld took part as an exhibitor, in association with its partner Aerial Film Club, in Micro Salon 2015, the international exhibition of latest cinematographic, photographic and digital technologies, organized by AIC, the Italian association of cinematographers, on March 14-15 in Rome.

At Micro Salon Piumaworld showed two new products, suitable for any kind of camera and lens, both for movies and tv.

Combi Dolly Star with Comat Head: a remote control dolly with remote control head. One of the main features of this dolly is that it can be quickly rigged both in standing and hanging position using the same tracks. The switch from one position to the other takes no more than 30 minutes.

Liftrail with Comat Head: a vertical dolly that can reach up to 10 m with fixing points, or 3 m as self-standing. This version is mounted on wheels so that it can be moved around and re-positioned in seconds. Camera and lift movements are remote controlled.

Combi Dolly Star, Liftrail and Comat Head are ready for wireless control and for repeatability of moves.

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