The new Cine-Star Combi Dolly at Cinec 2016

September 2016At Cinec 2016, the international trade fair for cine equipment and technology for film professionals in Munich (17- 19 September 2016), Piumaworld introduced Cine-Star Combi Dolly.

It is the latest dolly version of Piuma Combi Dolly Star range, a series of remote-control dollies developed principally for TV shows and jobs where manned systems could become a hindrance, taking into account encumbrance, visibility and overall weight and dimensions.

Cine-Star has been particularly designed to satisfy the specific shooting needs on a feature film set, where the importance of a direct human intervention is fundamental for the accuracy and precision of the shot as well as the possibility to make instant adjustments.

This system is composed of two interlaced dollies: the first one is the main and proper dolly that can be equipped with a telescopic column and/or a bazooka and a remote head, whereas the second dolly, of smaller size, is a platform on which the key grip stands. The key grip regulates the dolly movement by a handlebar similar to a motorcycle accelerator and controls the dolly without any effort improving thereby both working conditions and his own fatigue.

The Cine-Star dolly offers also the possibility to preset and maintain a constant speed. In this manner, the key grip follows the action from his usual point of view and controls the speed with the same precision of a manual dolly, whilst the operator, who is not any longer on board, now works from a remote position and operates in constant radio contact with the key grip as well as the director. The column can be remote-controlled either by  key grip or operator.

A unique feature of Cine-Star dolly is the possibility to transform the second dolly component, just within minutes, in a versatile and light slider dolly. This second dolly is made to run both on standard or narrow gauge tracks and thus can fit also into narrow spaces. Tracks can be rigged on stands or props on set.

The system is extremely light, for an easy transport even in rough and unconfortable locations.

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